VIDEO: Firefighter Describes Las Vegas Massacre ‘Like a War Scene’

Last night’s massacre in Las Vegas, which took place at a concert, ended with 50 dead and over 200 wounded.
An eyewitness to the shooting, Robert Hayes, is a firefighter with the Los Angeles Fire Department, and was attending the concert with his wife.
“…Then all of a sudden, people started dropping by the stage area and up front by us,” said Hayes, describing the horrific shooting, which he believed to be an electrical issue at first.
Hayes helped his wife and friends get to safety, then returned with the SWAT team to help the victims as a first responder, and personally pronounced 15-20 people dead.
The heroic firefighter described the deadly rampage as being “like a war scene,” and also said, “I think with 30,000 people in the arena area, it was kind of like shooting goldfish, unfortunately,” adding, “It’s a sad day.”
Watch the video:
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