VIDEO: Hollywood Attacks NRA as Their Industry is Overrun With Sex Scandals

After a series of sex scandals, Hollywood is facing an imminent collapse.
However, to the elites of the entertainment industry, this isn’t a topic worth fretting over, as several liberal celebrities decided to instead collaborate on a video attacking the NRA.
Yes, apparently, liberal celebrities think the NRA, a group of law abiding citizens, is more dangerous than the sexual predators that have run rampant through Hollywood for decades.
Keep digging that grave, Hollywood.
Several Hollywood celebrities collaborated with a gun control group bankrolled by billionaire Michael Bloomberg to attack gun rights and the NRA, as their industry is in the midst of collapsing after being rocked by sex scandals.
In a video released on Wednesday by Everytown for Gun Safety, celebrities including Sheryl Crow, Melissa McCarthy, Adam Scott, Emma Stone, and Julianne Moore are featured spreading fear about firearms. The video comes in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre as the celebrities encourage people to call Congress and demand that they not support any measures backed by the NRA.
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