VIDEO: Katrina Pierson Exposes MSNBC’s Sinister Anti-Trump Fake News Scheme

Moments ago, Katrina Pierson explained the REAL reason why NBC decided to put out the now debunked story about Rex Tillerson threatening to resign.
The supposed Tillerson conversation in question took place in July and is not even recent. However, with so much news coming out with the good President Trump is doing for our country including the booming economy and his heroic efforts in response to an onslaught of tragedies, “they” needed a DISTRACTION.
In her appearance on Varney and Co, Katrina explains that the mainstream media simply “can’t talk about the good things he’s doing, it always has to be bad no matter what and that’s why this came out, just to distract people from what he’s doing.”
Now THAT is the truth.
Watch the video:
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