VIDEO: MSNBC’S Katy Tur Just Called for THE END of the 2nd Amendment

MSNBC’s Katy Tur just implied Democrats should stop beating around the bush and take away all guns, including handguns.
Citing a NY Times columnist, Tur passionately provided the argument for repealing the 2nd amendment altogether. While the argument she was citing was not her own, she certainly appears to agree 100% with the radical anti-constitutional concept.
let’s be honest, hand guns kill more people in this country than a person with a bump stock on their semi-automatic weapons. There are horrific events, but handguns are what kill people in this country on a daily basis. Congresswoman, Brett Stevens, conservative, New York Times op-ed columnist had an interesting columnist oped where he said the Second Amendment should be repealed. In it he argued the reason Democrats are so unsuccessful in getting any gun legislation passed because nobody believes democratic lip service when they talk about guns. They don’t believe Democrats really do value the second amendment. He says if Democrats want to get anything done, they should go for what the Democrats, he thinks believe, which is the Second Amendment is not helping this country in any way and there should be a movement to try and change the constitution. Repeal that amendment. It’s not keeping anyone safer.
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