VIDEO: Race-Baiting Protesters Kneel Outside NFL Game and Raise Fists

As the NFL struggles to decide how to handle the “take a knee” controversy, surrounding players disrespecting the national anthem to protest “police brutality” and “social inequality,” fans are now getting involved.
While most fans agree that the NFL’s disrespect of our veterans and police officers is offensive, some have sided with the athletes, and have used the opportunity to push their own racially-charged agendas.
On Sunday, one group of protesters gathered outside at the Baltimore Ravens game, and publicly “took a knee” while simultaneously throwing up the “black power fist.”
Afterwards, the crowd joined together in a twisted prayer, which invoked anti-white sentiment and echoed the division and race-based hatred that the left has been pushing nonstop lately.
“Make America great for the very first time. Give our young black and brown boys and opportunity to excel and do well. We stand on the shoulders of the ancestors who were killed and lynched,” went the prayer.
“I pray for every person who will find strength to look in the face of white supremacy and racism,” the crowd said, adding, “It’s in the name of an innocent black man named Jesus who was killed by the government.”
It’s clear that these protests against the so-called “police brutality” are more protests against white people in general than anything else, a fact that is becoming more obvious as the rhetoric becomes more intense.
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