VIDEO: Titans Player DEMANDS Trump Apologize Before He Stops Kneeling

The NFL, which once represented America in a unique and powerful way, has turned into a bunch of triggered snowflakes, and is nothing but a mockery of everything it once stood for.
Hearing the hateful and anti-American invective being spewed by low-IQ, overpaid, entitled athletes is infuriating, and now, one NFL player has managed to cross the line even further.
Rishard Matthews, a wide receiver for the Tennessee Titans, SHOULD know better than to disrespect our flag and national anthem, considering his brother and father both served in the military.
In fact, Matthews’ brother, who served with the U.S. Marines for over 10 years, was killed in Afghanistan, but that hasn’t stopped the NFL player from disrespecting America.
Before Sunday’s game, Matthews stayed in the locker room for the national anthem, while the rest of his teammates stood.
Matthews had the audacity to demand that President Trump apologize for his comments about the NFL protesters, saying, “I plan to kneel until the president apologizes for the comments that he made because I felt like those were very disrespectful comments that he made.”
With this statement, Matthews unwittingly exposed the real truth behind the “take a knee” scandal, and proves that this isn’t a protest against “social injustice” or “police brutality” at all, it’s just another way for the left to push their anti-Trump agenda.
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