VIDEO: Veteran Black Mom – Because You’re Black, You Will Be Oppressed Is a False Narrative

Lately, it seems that the left, especially the liberal media and radical groups like Black Lives Matter, are obsessed with pushing the lie that racial oppression and inequality is prominent in America.
With liberals relentlessly screeching about “social injustice” and “racism” given every opportunity, they’ve managed to anger a large majority of the country, including some African Americans who are appalled with the race-baiting.
Kathy Barnette is a mom, veteran, political activist, and an African American who is fed up with the race-baiting and divisive tactics being used, and she’s speaking out.
During an interview with Fox News, Barnette sharply criticized the left’s narrative that black children are destined to encounter oppression in American.
“How bleak is it for parents to engrain in their children that because they’re black in America, they will be oppressed- that’s a false narrative to begin with,” said Barnette, adding, “It’s an oppressive cloud that will hang over the heads of these children all their lives.”
Barnette pointed out that “The great equalizer in America is the willingness to work hard to achieve success,” and she’s absolutely right.
It’s time that the left stops race-baiting and using the false narrative of racism and inequality, and focuses more on bringing Americans together in unity.
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