VIRAL! Hispanic Trump Supporter Triggers Liberal Media With Pro-Trump Hat!

On Friday, President Trump spoke at the Hispanic Heritage Event which was hosted by the White House, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.
As the president spoke to the crowd, who he described as “fantastic people,” one man’s hat got all the attention, and the three simple words on it triggered the entire liberal media into a meltdown.
The man, who the media claimed to be Virginia Republican Freddy Burgos, wore a red baseball cap which looked like President Trump’s iconic “MAGA” hats, but his had a different message.
Instead of “Make America Great Again,” Burgos’ hat read “BUILD THE WALL,” and the liberal media didn’t like it.
Once CNN’s Jim Acosta tweeted about it, the hat and its simple message outraged the entire left!
Race-baiter and hate monger Tariq Nasheed described Burgos as a “Latino Sheriff Clarke,” who is frequently called “Uncle Tom” by black and white liberals, including Nasheed himself.
As usual, liberals prove that they’re not interested in covering the bigger picture, such as Trump’s speech, but instead are focused on little details, and can be triggered into oblivion by something as simple as a hat!
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