Viral ‘Melania Body Double’ Conspiracy Theory Spread By Trump Haters DEBUNKED

Well, well, well…the idiotic viral conspiracy theory spread by liberal Trump-haters that Melania Trump was using a “body double” has been officially debunked.
Even liberal outlets including the Washington Post and Yahoo are admitting it is FAKE NEWS.
From Yahoo
The latest internet conspiracy theory alleges that Melania Trump has a body double — but it’s definitely fake news.
During an NBC broadcast of President Trump’s news briefing outside of the White House on Oct. 13, the first lady is seen standing by her husband’s side — but immediately following the clip, Marina Hyde, a columnist for the Guardian, insinuated that it was actually an impersonator.
While Hyde’s tweet spurred discussion, it wasn’t until comedian and actress Andrea Wagner Barton took to her Facebook page and entered both photographic and auditory evidence into play that the wild idea got widespread attention. “Will the real Melania please stand up?” Barton captioned her post featuring her own video of the news footage, as well as supplemental photos and written evidence to back up her thoughts.
In a closer look at the video originally posted by NBC, as well as photos from that same day, it’s evident that the footage presented by Barton is a little off, simply because she filmed the CNN footage through her television screen. As a result, there’s a sort of halo cast around the first lady’s nose and lips, making it seem as though prosthetics (or some other odd disguise) are plausible. In reality, when photos are pulled directly from the sources there that day, the effect is gone and FLOTUS looks like her normal self
As for  POTUS’s “tell” when he so obviously pointed out his wife standing by his side, that’s not so weird either. Just one month earlier, when the pair was traveling to Florida following Hurricane Irma, the president spoke about his wife as if she wasn’t there, when she was in fact right next to him.
Further evidence of the first lady’s physical presence on Oct. 13 comes from photos that were taken once her sunglasses were off of her face. And there’s simply no denying that that is Melania Trump.
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