VIRAL! Touching Moment as Trump Walks Off Stage to Greet a Medal of Honor Vet!

One of the most defining characteristics of President Trump is his burning respect and love for our military and veterans, and during a speech today, he showed America just how he feels about our soldiers.
President Trump was in the middle of a speech to honor Hispanic Heritage Month, when he noticed that a Medal of Honor recipient was standing in front of him.
Without hesitation, the president paused his speech and waded into the crowd to talk to the honored veteran.
“Do you mind if I go up and shake hands — I’ll interrupt our speech,” the president said, telling the crowd, “I wanna shake hands with somebody.”
After shaking the man’s hand, President Trump and the rest of the crowd gave him a strong round of applause, and the president returned to his speech.
This is a leader who truly values the individual sacrifice made by our military men and women, and honors them with every given opportunity.
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