Watch Seth McFarlane Crack Jokes About Pervy Weinstein at 2013 Oscars

Let’s face it, sexual abuse, rape, and degradation of women is a joke to everyone in Hollywood, including the women.
How else can you explain Seth McFarlane at the 2013 Oscars making a JOKE about Harvey Weinstein’s sex abuse?
It was out in the open, everyone knew, but no one cared, and the abuse continued for decades.
Actors, actresses, directors, cast and crew ALL knew what was going on, and that Harvey Weinstein’s predatory behavior wasn’t an isolated case, but hardly anyone spoke out.
There’s your self-righteous, “champions of women’s rights” liberals in action, folks.
McFarlane, an outspoken anti-Trump progressive, is now saying that his “jokes” were a way of “calling out” Weinstein, although this seems more like damage control on his part.
If Seth McFarlane and the other Hollywood celebrities who are feigning outrage actually cared about abuse in Hollywood, they’d have spoken out about it years ago.
Watch the video:
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