Well, Well, Well, This News Outlet JUST LIED to Coverup Hillary’s Uranium Scandal

The fake news media is in panic mode, doing all they can to silence or coverup the Clinton-Obama Russia-Uranium scandal.
They’re going so far to lie on “fact checks.”
Case in point, Newsmax.com claimed President Trump was “false” to state the Clintons had received millions from Russia when in fact THEY DID.
Something is wrong at Newsweek, and whoever is in charge over there needs to get a handle on the situation.
Its most recent misstep occurred this week when its social media team tweeted this misleading headline: “Fact check: No, the Clintons were not paid millions by Russia.”The accompanying article proves nothing of the sort.
The supposed fact check comes in response to a tweet this week from President Trump that read, “Russia sent millions to Clinton Foundation.”
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