WHOA! Bombshell Hillary/Russia Story Set to Be Released TONIGHT!

A huge story exposing Hillary Clinton and the “Russia collusion” narrative is set to be released tonight!
The story is reportedly connected to Wikileaks, and will be released by The Hill and Circa News.
Some have speculated that Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, may finally reveal how he obtained the now-infamous “Podesta emails” that exposed the Clinton campaign’s shady inner workings.
From Infowars
Fox News’ Sean Hannity teased the bombshell last night when he tweeted, “Tick tock tomorrow. BOOM.”
Hannity also announced during his show last night that Circa’s Sara Carter and The Hill’s John Solomon would be breaking a story on Tuesday evening that relates to Hillary Clinton and the Russian collusion narrative.
Carter herself implicitly confirmed this by tweeting, “you’re getting hotter” when someone asked if it had anything to do with Hannity.
“Wonder what story I’ll be breaking tomorrow? Hint, it has to do with #Russia, something that happened in the Obama Administration and an informant, curious? Stay tuned…,” she added.
Speculation has raged over the last few days that Wikileaks’ Julian Assange could be abut to reveal evidence that proves Russia was not the source of the DNC leak, eviscerating what little credibility remains of the entire Russia/Trump collusion narrative.
On Sunday, Assange tweeted a series of numbers that resembled an encryption key, prompting Hannity to respond with a number of tweets that were subsequently deleted which suggested that Assange was about to dismantle the Russian collusion conspiracy theory.
“Does this mean that Julian Assange is FINALLY ready to spill the beans on who gave him the DNC emails during the 2016 election??” asks Joshua Caplan.
All is set to be revealed later tonight.
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