Writer Asks What to do With his ‘Liberal White Male Rage,’ INSTANTLY Backfires!

The left-wing rag ‘Salon’ has never exactly bothered hiding their extreme liberal bias, but at this point, their ridiculous spin is bordering on satirical.
Abe Low, writer for the far left propaganda outlet, felt burdened by his inner “liberal white male rage,” which he (of course) blames on the election of President Trump, and wrote an article on the subject, which wasn’t exactly well received.
According to Low, lately he’s been “daydreaming about committing violence,” including disturbing fantasies such as  “saving girls from a male predator with my brute strength and righteous rage.”
Low went on to compare the “rush” from his dark and violent trips to fantasy land to “the dopamine rush of a sex fantasy.”
Once Twitter got a hold of Low’s article, things did not go well, and the fledgling writer was torn to shreds.
Responses ranged from piteous to sheer brutality, and every one of them was justly deserved.
As Twitter user “Ronnie” pointed out, Low’s violent fantasies, which he himself likened to a sexual thrill, are indicative of severe mental issues, and the writer is merely trying to justify his disturbing inner demons with his political ideology.
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