You Won’t Believe How Many Viewers the NFL Has LOST Since Opening Weekend

The NFL is in big trouble…..
Yet, even so, they keep doubling down on their anti-American agenda and pro-Black Lives Matter support – even after ratings are tanking and ticket sales are down.
It’s so bad now, that the NFL has lost 2.5 million viewers since opening weekend.
So, what are they planning to do to recover?
Well, they’re going to dedicate an entire MONTH to “political and social activism.”
Ha ha ha ha!
NEW YORK (AP) — The National Football League is continuing a steady decline in audience, with its fourth week of games having the smallest audience on a weekend when some conservatives called for a boycott because some of its players used the national anthem to protest against police treatment of minorities.
The Nielsen company said Tuesday the weekend’s nationally televised games averaged 13.8 million viewers, down from 14.8 million the week before. Opening week registered 16.3 million viewers and the second week had 15.8 million.
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