You Won’t Believe How This Cali School Was Flying Their American Flag

A school in California sparked MASS outrage over how they were flying the flag outside of the school.
Outrage occurred when a driver who was passing by, spotted the flag, which was flying half-staff, and upside down.
A middle school in Los Altos, California, has come under fire after a passerby noticed it was flying the American flag at half-staff and upside down. The controversy seems much more sinister when you factor in the NFL protests that have seen athletes refusing to stand for the National Anthem. Are these children being subjected to politicized agendas?
Fox News’ Todd Starnes reported earlier this month that a reader drove past Blach Intermediate School and noticed the American flag being flown upside-down at half-staff. She wrote into the outlet saying, “I truly believe that what they are teaching in our schools is that it is okay to disrespect our flag.”
The reader stopped by to understand just how the school could be so negligent, she wanted answers. “I am just shocked and appalled,” she said after seeing the beloved American symbol this way.
However, the reader was surprised to learn that the school is claiming that it had no idea the flag was upside down for most of the day.
Principal Bhavna Narula reportedly Fox that a member of the school’s staff raised the flag and did not realize that it was incorrect. “We, too, were surprised and immediately corrected the mistake,” the principal said. “Of course, the American flag is never to be flown in that manner.”
The reader had noticed that the flag had been that way for most of the day so they weren’t so convinced with the school’s explanation.
Yet, the Principal Narula is sticking to that story saying, “This was truly a mistake. We respectfully and diligently work to follow established flag protocols in our daily raising and lowering of our American Flag.”
With the coincidence of the heated debates of the NFL protests dominating the headlines, it would not come as a surprise that this was done intentionally.
Whether it was a prank or it was some liberal teacher’s idea to teach children about the power of protests, treating our flag this way is completely disrespectful.
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