You Won’t Believe What NFL Players Claim To Be Protesting NOW

For over a year, the NFL has continued to stir controversy as players kneel for the national anthem in protest of “police brutality” and “social inequality.”
The protests, which started with the now-unemployed Colin Kaepernick, have intensified in recent months, but lately, seem to be losing steam.
NFL players are desperate to keep their protests going, and are now adding new “causes” to their list of grievances.
According Donte’ Stallworth, a former NFL athlete who is still in contact with many in the league, several players have told him that the protests are also over the “gender pay gap” and “housing discrimination.”
The truth is, the overpaid brats in the NFL realized that the majority of the country strongly disagreed with their anti-American, anti-cop protests, and are now trying to appeal to a larger portion of Americans.
In reality, most of the U.S.A. knows that at the center of these protests is an irrational hatred for the police, and more recently, a disturbing level of anti-white racism.
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