Gohmert EXPOSES Mueller’s #1 Reason For Dragging Out His SHAM Investigation

On Wednesday, tough as nails Rep Louie Gohmert came out swinging for President Trump.
He didn’t hold back when he declared Mueller should never have been appointed as special counsel, and then went on to call for his FIRING.
Gohmert then went on to accuse biased Mueller of using his special counsel and Russia witch-hunt as a way in which to distract from his own U.S. Uranium/Russia scandal.
From The Hill
Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) said Wednesday that special counsel Robert Mueller should be fired from his position investigating Russia’s election meddling and the Trump campaign.
“I think Mueller should be fired,” Gohmert said during the monthly “Conversation with Conservatives” meeting on Wednesday. “He should never have been appointed and he should never have accepted. He should be fired.”
Gohmert clarified that he thinks the president should not actually fire Mueller, because Republicans in Congress might impeach him if he did so.
“The only reason that he is not going and the president is not going to fire him and that I am not calling for him to be fired now is … because of all the establishment Republicans that think they would have to come after Trump if he were fired.”Gohmert accused Mueller of being more interested in pursuing crimes that are in the “parameters” of what he is supposed to pursue.
“Anything beyond Russian collusion are things that could be investigated, should be investigated, by the current DOJ, the current FBI, and not a special counsel that is covering his own rear and his own problems that he created in allowing U.S. uranium to be sold,” Gohmert said about Mueller.
Mueller’s mandate from the Justice Department allows him to bring charges for any crimes he discovers during his investigation.
“I knew the day that Robert Mueller was appointed that he was a problem,” Gohmert said.
President Trump has taken a more aggressive stance toward Mueller recently. On Wednesday, Trump repeated his claim that Mueller’s investigation should never have been launched.

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