MS-13 Thug Arrested After Threatening Motorists

President Trump has made no secret of his disdain for the vicious gang known as MS-13, and since his election, he’s allowed law enforcement to do what his predecessor refused to do: arrest and deport them.
The gang has earned a reputation for violence and brutality, and has run amok in the United States under the weak immigration policies of Barack Obama, after finding a foothold in illegal-friendly California.
Now, as President Trump and Republicans work to “Make America Safe Again” from the threat of violent gang members, Democrats are frantic to protect them, regardless of the cost to American citizens.
Below is a great example of just how dangerous MS-13 gang members are, as one member of the gang was arrested in Florida after threatening motorists with an AK-47 assault rifle.
21-year-old Raul Garcia, a “certified” MS-13 gang member, was arrested by police after threatening traffic with the rifle, and was in possession of meth amphetamine, as well as having previously been convicted of a felony.
From FoxNews
A member of the violent MS-13 gang has been arrested in Florida for brandishing an AK-47 semi-automatic rifle at motorists, police said.
Raul Garcia, 21, was nabbed Monday morning after an overnight search in Wimauma, according to Cpl. Lawrence McKinnon, a spokesman for Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.
The “certified” MS-13 gang banger was accused of threatening passing motorists with the weapon as he stood on a street corner in shorts and no shirt, McKinnon said.
Deputies were told Garcia was holding the gun as he was yelling at drivers and jumping in front of cars to try and get them to stop, he said.
The spokesman said that after deputies were called to the scene for a report of a man with a gun, they quickly spotted the tattooed Garcia who took off into the woods.
“Deputies assisted by K-9 and a HCS0 helicopter then searched the wooded area and located a Norinko SKS AK-47 rifle and later a green bag that Garcia was seen carrying,” McKinnon said.
He said the search ended hours later with Garcia’s arrest on charges that included improper exhibition of a firearm, possession of methamphetamine, felon in possession of a firearm, loitering and resisting arrest.
The meth was found in the bag in three small plastic baggies, McKinnon said.
Garcia, who is a U.S. citizen, was booked into the county jail where he was being held Tuesday on $13,750 bond.
McKinnon said the rifle had not been reported stolen and he did not know its history.
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