New Poll Shows Americans Haven’t Been THIS HAPPY With the Economy in 18-years

Americans have not been this THRILLED with the economy in 18 years!
President Trump’s economy is soaring, and America is BACK ON TRACK!
This is EXACTLY why we elected a smart, strong, savvy businessman for the White House.
A new Pew poll shows that 53% of Americans rate the economy at “good” and “excellent” and that is an 18-year HIGH!
Americans rating the economy good to excellent has surged to the highest point since former President George W. Bush took office, according to a new survey.
Pew Research Center said that 53 percent rate the economy high and the best in some 18 years.
“Americans’ views of national economic conditions continue to improve, with the share saying the economy is in good or excellent condition now at its highest point in nearly two decades,” said Pew.

The survey analysis said Republicans are driving the change.
“Nearly three-quarters of Republicans (74 percent) now view the economy in positive terms. That is a marked improvement from last October (57 percent). In December 2016, shortly after the presidential election, just 14 percent of Republicans rated the economy as excellent or good,” said the just-released survey.
Democrats changed too.
Just 37 percent said the economy is in good to excellent shape, lower than the 46 percent who said that in former President Obama’s last month in office.
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